Courtney Erikson Updates…

Written by Courtney, February 8th, 2020:

Hello there!

Long time since I last talked to you. Thought I’d give you a little update if you haven’t seen or heard already.

We have been down here in Arizona since October. I got a transplant on December 18th 2019. Wahoo! I got discharged from the hospital on January 23rd 2020!  I am now living life to the most that I can. I still have restrictions, but no longer need oxygen and I can breathe now! We hope to be home the late part of April or early part of May as long as everything goes good.

Courtney Erickson Update 1


Written by Courtney, August 27th, 2020:

Hello. I have been doing wonderful 🙂

I am going to be celebrating my 25th birthday next month as well as 9 months Post Transplant 🙂

I’ve just been hanging at home doing all sorts of fun little things like gardening, walking down to the mailbox everyday, and I even helped put fencing up.

It’s been wonderful and I am almost speechless a lot of the times trying to explain to people how I feel 🙂

Courtney Erickson Update 2

Written by Leann Erickson, Courtney’s Mother August 2023:

Courtney was one of 3 recipients chosen from the pig bowl in 2019.  She was a lucky recipient of a double lung transplant on Dec 19, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ.    She had many ups and down in this last 3 years, but lived life to the fullest.  She was able to experience a life that some are not able to after the transplant.  Unfortunately she passed from this earthly world after a short couregous battle with rejection on Feb 5, 2023.  We thank everyone who donated and continues to make this event possible for all the recipients, its a life changer!  Sincerely, The Erikson’s. Ty, LeAnn and Laney