2019 Results


2019 is in the books!!


 Please Welcome the Rowan, Macnab and Erikson families to Center Stage!

Pre Game 1

After raining all week Saturday September 21st was a Beautiful, Warm, Sunshiny Day!


Sparky the Fire Dog, McGruff the Crime Dog, Bobber the Water Safety Dog and Smokey the Bear quickly made friends with The Dalles Youth Cheer Team!

Pre Game 3

Players were introduced – High Fives and Hugs were exchanged!


Victor Veloz asked God to Heal the Families and Bless the Event and boy did He ever! Then Sergeant Shephard brought the house down with a incredible rendition of the National Anthem!

Pre Game 4

The stands were filled, the bounce houses were bouncin’ and the pig noses were oinkin’!


 Rod Runyon, Mark Helyer & Ashley Bailey – Handled the Crows Nest while Cody Hamilton, Steve Turner and Victor Veloz literally moved the Chains. 


Women Supporting the Badge teamed up with Papa Murphy’s, Pepsi and Dutch Brothers along with Hamburgers, Chili Dogs, Taco Pockets and more from Safeway and Smart Food Services to keep fans well hydrated and their tummies full.  

The Game

We actually did get to see some pretty good football…

Long time Pig Bowl defensive back Engineer Hal Woods of Mid Columbia Fire and Rescue along with Officer James Baird of Columbia River Inter-Tribal Police Department (CRITPD) both had an interception for Oregon and Washington’s “Annual Ringer” TJ Lund had an interception as well.


Despite attempts by the crowd to damper the hands of the receivers with Boxing Gloves and Bubble Balls both teams did manage to score some points.

Oregon Quarterback Officer Kasey Way of CRITPD tossed three touchdown passes; two to Oregon State Trooper Jason Walters and one to Officer Dana Journey of CRITPD.

Washington Quarterback Ross Guiney threw a touchdown pass to the Center Pig Bowl Rookie Michael Kenny of the Goldendale Police Department as well as two touchdown passes to Washington State Park Ranger Brock Warner.


The 50/50 raffle winner Lou Lyon donated all $288 back to the Pig Bowl, in fact she used it to buy 38 points for Oregon! The Pete Carol Autographed Football was auctioned off… Rumor has it that a Patriots Fan purchased the ball since Pete Carol was the MVP of Super Bowl 49 (Not funny Craig!)


Now one would think three touchdowns each is a tie score, but thanks to Oregon’s Stellar and Intimidating Defense, Washington missed a kick and both of their two point conversion attempts. Oregon on the other hand was once again led by Deputy Caitlin Plese of the Hood River Sheriff’s Office who booted two kicks through the uprights giving Oregon the on field victory 20-18!



Thanks to Pig Noises on the PA system, super secret squirrel touchdown runs in the final minute by William Rowan (Brother of Christian) and Shea Macnab (Brother of Brynlynn) and endless points purchased by the crowd both Oregon and Washington scored over 2000 points!

In fact it was a record setting year on the scoreboard with Oregon edging out Washington 2707 to 2466!

But we all know the most important News of all…

So exactly how much money was raised for the            Rowan, Macnab and Erikson Families!! 

Are you ready for this!!!

Are you excited to know??

On Thursday Night the Pig Bowl Board presented checks in the amount of  $13,273 TO EACH FAMILY!

We also learned that Courtney is headed to Arizona for the initial tests required before her lung transplant!

 Yeah Courtney!

IMG_0981Thank you so much to every single volunteer, business and person who donated their time and money to making the 2019 Pig Bowl a huge success.  

Please keep these families in your prayers in the road ahead.

Remember to send us recommendations for next years Pig Bowl and mark your calendars for Pig Bowl 2020 September 27th 2020!