Brynlynn Macnab Updates…

Brynlynn is now 4 1/2 years old. Since her discharge from the NICU in June of 2019, Brynlynn has completely weaned off oxygen and her feeding tube by October of 2019.  Brynlynn has been rehospitalized 2 times, which is pretty remarkable considering her extreme prematurity.  She was hospitalized for RSV in late January 2020 and returned to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Doernbechers/OHSU for about a week and was discharged home just before her 1st birthday on oxygen. She weaned off oxygen and recovered fully after a few weeks home. She then got sick again with a respiratory illness in September of 2020 and was hospitalized at Randall Children’s Hospital for a week. She was discharged home on oxygen again, and weaned off after a week or so of recovery at home. 

Brynlynn has chronic lung disease, and this last summer 2023, Brynlynn graduated from routine Pulmonology appointments as her Pulmonologist said that her condition is stable at this time. This is an amazing accomplishment. She also graduated from routine Ophthalmology appointments, and her eyes have been developing well. She has been growing and developing so well. One Neonatologist who followed Brynlynn came to visit us during one of her hospitalizations and he said, “your daughter and how she has persevered through the NICU and her outcome today makes me think about how I counsel parents of micropreemies.” She truly is a human miracle.

Brynlynn is going to Preschool and has been enjoying her Tap, Jazz and Gymnastics dance classes. Brynlynn enjoys arts and crafts and absolutely loves to paint. She is a very active girl, who enjoys the outdoors, playing dress up and she loves to play in the dirt and sand with her brother. She is a very strong young lady with a passion for life. She holds her own with her brothers, and her tenacity is evident in most everything she does.

We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of the PigBowl experience and all of the love and support that was shown during our time of need. The medical expenses have been heavy through the years, and the support from our local law enforcement and what they do for families in challenging times is incredibly touching. Our family is so thankful to be a part of the PigBowl community of support. Blessed and forever grateful.

The Macnab Family