Maleigha Barrett Updates…

November 8th 2021:

New van!! 


 Maleigha was super excited to go for a ride today


February 4th 2022:

We got Maleigha’s van back! Our first trip was the beach! It’s been two years since Maleigha has been and she loved it! It was a beautiful day


 Thank you so much!!


August 29th, 2023

Hello fellow PigBowl volunteers,

Since Maleigha was chosen to be a Pig Bowl recipient for 2021. Maleigha has been taking advantage of short and long car rides in her new wheelchair accessible van. 

We have went to many softball tournaments, beach trips and Portland trips in the new van. Maleigha has had the joy of riding up front in the passenger seat for the first time. Although I think she enjoys the comfort of the center of the vehicle with her cartoons playing on the dvd player. 

Our family is so honored to have been chosen by Pig Bowl and blessed by all the support of our community. We couldn’t have gotten Maleigha this vehicle without the support. Thank you everyone!