Angela Zapien Updates…

Update as of September 1st 2020:

Angela is doing very well. She has been seizure free for more than a year now. She had hip surgery 8 months ago and has fully recovered. Being outdoors, listening to music and spending time with her family are some of the things she enjoys. After our family was selected to participate in the Pig-bowl Angela was able to get her stair lift and fix her van which had been donated to her.

We will always be grateful to everyone who participated in the Pig-Bowl.

Thank you for everything and God bless!

Update as of September 2023

Angela is now 11 years old. Last year she started attending school again. When COVID hit she was doing home services because we were worried about her being exposed to the virus. 

She really enjoys being around other students and riding the school bus. Some of the therapies she is provided with are physical, occupational, visual and speech. 

She was seizure free for about 3 years but recently she’s been getting them on and off. Her doctor thinks that her going through puberty is what’s triggering them.

Now that Angela is older she is able to focus and pay attention to people and things around her. 

She has her favorite people, grandma, grandpa( my mom got married 3 years ago), her cousin Lizzy and myself of course, lol.

She gets really excited when she sees us and she expresses that with lots of smiles and yelling. 

She loves music and toys that light up. 

My daughter is the happiest little girl I know even when she’s not feeling well and she has taught me to be patient, to be grateful and to not take anything for granted. 

We will always be thankful to everyone involved in the Pig Bowl fundraiser. We were going through a difficult time and your help was really a blessing.