!! PIG BOWL – 2023!!

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Columbia Gorge Law Enforcement


Columbia Gorge Fire Fighters


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Bring in the families!

Let’s Pray!

Let’s Sing!

Let’s Celebrate!

Let’s Watch! Let’s Bounce! Let’s Cheer!

Let’s Play Football!

Or at least try to…

Are those fairy wings and boxing gloves?

End of First Quarter Demonstration…

So what did we do for our 20th Pig Bowl?

A Halftime Reunion …

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Thanks to this incredible community and businesses throughout the Columbia River Gorge… On Thursday night at Casa El Mirador The Pig Bowl Board presented The Brown Family, The Dollarhide Family and The Zistel Family checks totaling $53,100!!

This brings the total amount raised and distributed by the Pig Bowl in 20 years to just under $500,000!!

Thank you so much to every single person who has volunteered their time, donated their money or worked behind the scenes to help bless 32 PIG BOWL FAMILIES!

We simply can’t express our gratitude.