Willie Funk Updates…

Mariah, Willie, Rhonda, Shelby, Rylee & Ryan Funk
Mariah, Willie, Rhonda, Shelby, Rylee & Ryan Funk

The following information was written by Rhonda Funk on October 28th, 2008

It is hard to believe it has been five years since Willie was given the wonderful blessing of being the Pig Bowl Fundraiser Recipient. It is hard to put into words how amazing it was to watch the recording of the Cops VS Schwabbers game from Willie’s hosptial room! Just to see how many of our friends and family, not to mention members of our community that we had never even met, came togther on a FREEZING cold day just to help our family with medical expenses. It is with much appreciation and love that we send warm blessings to our friends in The Dalles. A few years back God moved our fmily to Redmond, Oregon where God seemingly united the entire Funk Family with Papa Murphy’s Pizza! Willie is managing the Redmond store, where their daughter Shelby (17) now works. Rhonda works part time at the main office as a Fundraising Coordinator and continues to write music and pursue music ministry opportunities. Mariah is almost 17, Ryan is nearly 10, and Rylee is 8. We miss you all! Thank you for your continued support of the Pig Bowl. The financial help we recieved from this event helped take the stress off of finances and put the emphasis on Healing! God Bless You! The Funk Family.

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It should also be noted that Willie Funk had a very successful Bone Marrow Transplant and is now 100% Cancer Free! Praise God!


The following information was written by Willie Funk on September 14th 2023

A lot has happened in the past 20 years. I have been blessed to watch my 4 children grow up. I now have 3 beautiful grandchildren. I have been truly blessed — I am so grateful to my Family and friends who stood by me and my family through a very challenging time in my life. 

I will always be thankful for the community of The Dalles and The Pig Bowl. I will remain humbled by the outreach and caring for our fellow neighbor when life and health can become a challenge. I believe that we are supposed to help one another.  It is amazing that so many people give their time and energy to help other’s when there is a need.

Thank you for the service of the police officers and Firefighters.   
Thank you to all individuals that have participated in the football games that have helped so many. I believe it brings people together in a very special way.
Thank you to all the businesses that help support this great event.

A special thank you to Mike Holloran and his family for keeping it going.  I will forever be grateful.

          Truly Thankful

              Willie Funk