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The Bagge Family

The following information was written by Melissa Bagge on

September 1st, 2009

Christian and Melissa Bagge are now living in The Dalles, Oregon with their 2 year old son, Noah, and thier dog Macie.  Both Christian and Melissa are working part time, and Christian is a reserve police officer for The Dalles Police Department.

In December2008, they were selected to be recipients of a new, fully wheelchair accessible, home by an organization called Homes for Our Troops. Their new home is in the process of being built just outside of Hood River, and will allow Christian to move about freely in his wheelchair. It is truly a blessing, and they are so excited to move in!

Although Christian struggles daily with the pain that prosthetic limbs can cause, he is grateful to be alive, and thankful to be near family and friends in The Dalles. The Pig Bowl is a wonderufl event, and it helped Christian and Melissa in more ways than can be described. They would like to thank everyone once again for the contributions, love, and support that was given. It’s wonderful to feel the love of a community!

Christian, Melissa & Noah

Christian, Melissa & Noah