Pig Bowl Minutes 8-9-15

Pig Bowl Meeting


August 9, 2015

Meeting to pick a recipient

Attendees: Michael Holloran, Tammy Keys, April Weaver, Randy Wells, Ed Gunnyon, Stan Berkshire

Meeting Opened by Michael Holloran

Michael announced that Curt Harth resigned as vice president and is not going to play this year.

Randy Wells accepted a nomination for Vice President and all were in favor

We recapped last years event and noted that we need extra water more ice and less pop, have the table outside for attendees, and we need a money floater with change. We need someone to be in charge of the procession and need to cut it back a little.

We discussed all the stories submitted via email and word of mouth.

A motion was made and seconded and all were in favor to contact recipients in Washington and Oregon.

Meeting adjourned.