Pig Bowl Minutes 8-3-14

Pig Bowl Meeting


August 3, 2014

Meeting to pick a recipient

Attendees: Michael Holloran, Jennifer Holloran, Tammy Keys, Curt Harth, April Weaver, Melissa Browning, Randy and Michele Fox

Meeting Opened by Michael Holloran

Jennifer Retired as Treasurer and Michael nominated April Weaver, Randy Seconded, April agreed and the vote was unanimous.

Old Business: Star Wars characters had a complaint and we discussed inviting them again. The Procession was huge and too long and we discussed cutting it back. One car for each agency and not to included the Star Wars characters in it.

We decided to a having a 50/50 drawing instead of the Survivor game.

Got updates on Donovan and Kadie and both are doing well.

We discussed all the stories submitted via email and word of mouth.

A motion was made and seconded and all were in favor to contact and interview recipients in Washington and Oregon.

9:00 meeting adjourned.