Jennifer Magill Family

The Following Information was written prior to Pig Bowl 2009

Jennifer has lived in the Columbia River Gorge her entire life. She attended Chenowith Middle School, where she had Mrs. Leona Magill for the sixth grade, and continued on to graduate from Wahtonka High School in 1994. Jennifer also attended Western Culinary Institute, in Portland, graduating in 1997. She met Jason Magill, son of Leona, in 1995, and they were married in 1997, and have just celebrated their twelfth wedding anniversary. In 2003 they welcomed their son, Gavin, into the family.

 In 2006, life changed dramatically for the Magill family. Jen began feeling under the weather, and after a battery of tests, including a colonoscopy, she was told that doctors had discovered a large mass. The biopsy results confirmed the worst: stage four rectal cancer, with the cancer having already spread to the liver and lymph nodes. With extremely intense chemotherapy and a couple of surgeries lined up, Jennifer and her family moved in with Jason’s parents to help ease the financial burden. Jennifer has, literally, been in the fight for her life for the past three years, taking several different chemo combinations over that time, hoping it would keep the disease stable, which it has, up until now.

In July of this year, test results have come back showing that the tumors are growing, and have also spread to the lungs despite the chemo. Jennifer has a chance to participate in a clinical trial in Seattle, and is now waiting to see if she will qualify. If she does qualify, the travel expenses alone will be substantial, not to mention the existing medical expenses, which insurance has not covered. The family hopes that the Pig Bowl can help cover these costs.

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