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Donna Jean, Jeff, Gretchen, Storm, Jade, Sadie & Mollie Jean McCoy


On April 20th 2011, while 36 weeks pregnant, Gretchen McCoy was called by her doctor to learn that she had stage three breast cancer in her left breast. It is called Triple Negative Breast Cancer which is an aggressive type that responds slowly to chemotherapy.

Jeff and Gretchen McCoy are generational members of the Maupin community, they met while working with Special Olympics Oregon. A job opportunity led them back to the community of Maupin where they have now lived for the past 10 years. Jeff and Gretchen guide for River Trails on the Deschutes River and Gretchen is a substitute teacher at NORCOR in The Dalles as needed.

Jeff and Gretchen both coach Little League for the area T-Ball and Minor baseball teams where Gretchen also serves as the President.

The McCoy’s have four wonderful children. Jade is in the First Grade, Sadie is in Kindergarten and Storm is four. Mollie Jean McCoy was delivered via c-section on April 28th 2011 at 3:09 a.m. Five days later on May 3rd Gretchen had a mastectomy. A week later she had a reaction to antibiotics and was at half her blood volume, which required a blood transfusion. On June 5th Gretchen started chemotherapy. She is receiving her medical treatment at Bend Memorial Clinic in Bend, Oregon which is about 100 miles from her home. After eight sessions of chemotherapy Gretchen will undergo six weeks of radiation.

Both Gretchen and Jeff have a PASSION for football. Jeff has been both the assistant and head coach for the Redside football team during their 6 year run into the state playoffs. Gretchen was always the “Team Mom” providing sandwiches before practice, taking players to doctor appointments, providing rides as needed, documenting and recording game stats, doing fund raisers and tutoring students who needed extra help. It is only fitting that in their time of need that FOOTBALL would be a part of that!

As you can probably determine, Gretchen is a 37 year old mother in need. There are so many expenses that occur with this long term treatment plan. Traveling and food expenses alone will be overwhelming.

The only thing that Gretchen has asked for during this hasty transition is to be placed on prayer chains. Her major concern is her children. We certainly hope that you will consider helping the Pig Bowl help this family in their future medical battle.

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