Meeting Minutes 8-12-10

Pig Bowl Meeting


August 12, 2010

Meeting to pick a recipient

Attendees: Michael Holloran, Jennifer Holloran, Tammy Keys, Curt Harth and April Weaver

Meeting Opened by Michael Holloran

We discussed all the possible recipients. We also discussed whether we should rotate the recipient back and forth from Oregon to Washington.

A motion was made and seconded to contact a potential recipient from Oregon.

We discussed our confusion about  the fee’s needed to pay for the 5013c status for non-profit, decided we would not have enough time to get that going this year giving us some time for clarification on the actual cost of the fees.

On the agenda for the next meeting we, need to talk about amending the bylaws.

Also making sure we have some receipt system for the eventual shift to the 5013c status.

Meeting Adjourned