Meeting Minutes 8-5-22

Pig Bowl Meeting Minutes

August 5, 2022

Recipient discussion meeting

Attendees: Tammy Keys, Michael Holloran, Scott Rector, Angela Pollard, Theresa Cagle, April Weaver and
Devvin Ward

Meeting started at 6:10 pm and was Held at Shannon’s Ice Cream

Michael reported that Washington Board Members were unable to commit to Pig Bowl 2022 and that their Law Enforcement Agencies were short handed and would likely be unable to field a full team. Michael also indicated that he’d be out of town for a couple weeks and unable to put forth as much effort as is needed to do a good event. The board members all committed to being more involved, specifically in soliciting if we decided to go through with it.

Michael suggested we change it up this year to have Law Enforcement play against Firefighters, do to the
shortage of help from the Washington side. Scott liked the idea and thought if Washington players still
wanted to participate that would be great. Teresa and Angela like to idea too.

We decided to call it Pig Bowl: Columbia Gorge Law Enforcement vs. Columbia Gorge Firefighters

Michael thought we needed to have someone from the Firefighters on the board. Hal Woods who has played in the Pig Bowl for many years was contacted during the meeting and the idea shared with him. Hal committed to being on the board and assisting with getting a Firefighter Team put together for the event.

We discussed the nominations submitted via the Pig Bowl website. Due to the change this year and the possibility of being unable to raise as much money without board members from Washington and with Michael being gone, we decided to choose only one recipient.

Faalelei Niko was selected as the 2022 recipient.

Date of Pig Bowl: September 24 2022 7pm

Meeting adjourned 6:55 pm