Meeting Minutes 8-17-18

Pig Bowl Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2018

Meeting to pick a recipient

Attendees: Michael Holloran, Tammy Keys, Randy Wells, Stan Berkshire, April Weaver, Heather Walters,
Teresa Cagle, Ed Gunyon (by Phone)

Meeting called to order by Michael Holloran at 7:00pm

Randy wanted to make sure the families get escorted properly, to make sure the escorts knew what
they were supposed to do. There was an issue last year.

April spoke about the roster not getting properly announced, we have decided not to announce before
the game, but, keep it in the program. April also, wants to make sure the money, name and address of
donators gets to her first so, she can document it correctly.

April had a treasurer’s report that we have $867.04 in the bank due mostly to the Fred Meyer rewards
program and we talked about making sure everyone knows about the reward system, getting it out on
facebook and such. April also talked about getting quickbooks online, because it can be accessed from
any computer and we wouldn’t need to purchase a laptop.

Heather has agreed to do the faceboook account.

April brought up the mad house that was the bouncy house area and thought maybe we should get rid
of them, but, we also talked about seeing if Crystal could get volunteers that know what they are doing
instead of having kids watch them.

Coins for the pig bowl with the year on them were discussed.
Teresa asked if “Women supporting the Badge” could have a table for sweatshirts and will ask about a

We went over the nominees there were 9 nominations

We discussed these nominees and went back and forth as to whether to have 2 or 3 recipients again, it
was decided to pick 3 and make the offer to them, The Pishion Family of Dufur, The Gibson Family of
Dufur and the Zapien Family of White Salmon.

Heather and April were going to check out possibly getting food trucks and see about donations from

meeting adjourned 8:59pm