Meeting Minutes 8-15-19

Pig Bowl Board Meeting


August 15, 2019

Meeting to choose a recipient

Attendees: Michael Holloran, Tammy Keys, April Weaver, Heather Walters

Meeting called to order by Michael Holloran at 6:33 pm

We talked about the Bubble Balls and decided that worked last year and are going to do it again. We discussed buying our own but getting actually boxing gloves instead of inflatable, they did not work well.

April had a treasurer’s report that we have $554.53 in the bank plus $125.00 from Fred Meyer.

Talked about changing announcing the winner of the 50/50 to between the third and fourth quarter.

We went over the nominees; there were 12 nominations

We discussed these nominees and decided to have 3 recipients again. It was further decided make an offer to three families; The Rowan Family of Wishram Washington, The Macnab Family of The Dalles and Courtney Erikson of Parkdale

Meeting adjourned 8:00 pm