Karen Warren Updates…


NOVEMBER 15th 2012

To the kind folks who participated in this years pig bowl. I thought someone should tell you,  the doctors have stated they have done all they can for Karen. The doctors are trying everything they can to keep her comfortable but say she is terminal.

She is bed ridden and in a lot of pain. She was taken to Klickitat Valley Hospital this afternoon for fluids as she is dehydrated.  Her mom and dad have taken on most of the load for her care, as well as care of her two kids. Others like myself and close friends are doing all we can to help.  God is still a strong part of her life and the family welcome and encourage all prayer.
Thankyou for giving us a wonderful day with her.
I will treasure the memory of that day for a very long time.
Many blessings to you all,
“The Friend”
David Blomeley


NOVEMBER 19th 2012

Karen is still at Klickitat Valley Hospital. She is mostly medicated heavily to keep the pain levels down which has her sleeping a great deal of the time.  As you know she worked at Klickitat Valley Hospital, so she is getting the best of care from those people who know and care very much for her.  Her parents are meeting with doctors to decide on the course of care. This also means deciding if going home is an option.
Yes visitors are welcome. Come pray as you are led, healing from God is the only chance she has to survive. We all are praying for a great miracle from God.

Once again , Thank you.
David Blomeley  


DECEMBER 5th, 2012

Greetings brother in Christ,
I’m sending you this email with great sadness as I reveal the news that Karen’s health has continued to deteriorate. Through thanksgiving we were still able to talk with her some but the following week had her more sedated due to pain and she had started having little seizures the week following thanksgiving. Those have increased in strength and frequency. She is now unable to communicate to tell us how she feels.
We are praying for God’s mercy and healing.

Karen has always been a strong believer in Christ and knows what is waiting.  On behalf of the family I want to say thankyou for your kindness and prayers.  I love Karen very much and pray for God to heal her. If He chooses not to we will all see Glory together someday.
As you walk in Christ, your friend, and brother, David.


DECEMBER 5th, 2012

Thanks David,
We had heard that Karen isn’t able to communicate any longer. We are so sorry and we hurt with you. We are also praising God that Karen Trusts Jesus and set such a good example for all of us. We are only jealous that she will likely get there first. We pray that she is miraculously healed, but that if not, her earthly suffering and pain would end quickly and she may be at home in paradise.
Keep us posted.


DECEMBER 18th, 2012

I’m sending this to those who need to know… Karen went to be with the Lord this morning just before 3.  She was not in pain and her aunt Pam was with her,
thankyou all for your love and support.

God Bless You, David

As of today Karen Warren is at home in Heaven with Jesus.


A graveside memorial service was held in Karen’s honor, it had been raining for days, but the sky parted and the sun peeked through just perfectly. Even the animals of the forest came to pay tribute.

Karen’s memorial service was amazing, multiple friends and family were in attendance. Many wonderful stories were shared. Her son Cody put together an incredible PowerPoint presentation set to some of Karen’s favorite Christian Music including “It’s A Good Morning” by Mandissa… I am telling you, not only did Karen wake up to a good morning, but she woke up to a Great morning in the arms of Jesus!

The theme of the service was consistent, just the way Karen would want it to be… “If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you had better get to know him today, because I am looking forward to seeing you in Heaven“.


The following update was received in September 2023 from Karen’s mother Molly Davidson…

Karen Warren went home to heaven on Dec. 18, 2012. At that time her son, Cody, was 15 and a
freshman in high school. Her daughter, Crysta, was 12 and in 6th grade.

Cody lived in Goldendale with his grandparents, Dan and Molly Davidson, while he finished high school.
During his spring breaks, he traveled with Dr. Ogden’s optometric mission team. They visited Honduras
twice and Cambodia once. Karen always thought working with Dr. Ogden would be a wonderful
experience and it proved to be so for Cody. He encountered other cultures and helped people who had
no means to get they eye care they needed. After graduation, he attended the University of Portland,
earning his bachelor’s degree in nursing. Cody married his high school sweetheart, Alejandra Castillo.
Coincidentally, she had been born in Honduras but moved to Alaska when she was young. Cody and Alex
live in Hillsboro, OR with their 2 dogs. Cody works at Providence St. Vincent in Portland in the cardiac
unit and Alex works for a finance company.

Crysta remained in Goldendale to finish 6th grade, then moved to Glenwood with her father. She
attended the Glenwood school for 3 years and was very active in sports. During her sophomore year, she
moved back to Goldendale and graduated from Goldendale High School. She attended Eastern Oregon
University in La Grande, OR with a focus on nursing like her mother and brother. She was at college when
COVID shut down the country and therefore didn’t get to experience college with normal classes and
social life. After a year at EOU, she returned to Goldendale to continue her studies here. She married
Wally Walsborn and they also have 2 dogs. But the joy of their lives is their daughter, Laremie, who is 1
year old. Crysta is in training as a medical assistant at Klickitat Valley Health Family Clinic and Wally is an
EMT for Klickitat County EMS.

I can’t adequately express my gratitude to the organizers of the Pig Bowl. Pig Bowl 2012 was Karen’s last
big social event, and she loved every moment. I can still see the smile on her face as she watched the
game with family and friends. When a loved one is at the end of their life on earth and sick and in pain,
anything that brings a smile is a treasure. Thank you to all involved with the Pig Bowl. The Pig Bowl also
offered freedom from worry about finances for Karen. She had insurance but still had bills to pay and
was not working. When she would ask about her bills, I could say, “You have the donations from the Pig
Bowl.” I watched her visibly relax knowing her obligations were met and her children were cared for.
Again, thank you for the Pig Bowl and what it means to families at very trying times in our lives.

Molly Davison, Karen’s mother