Kadee Herrington Updates…


SEPTEMBER 18th, 2014

This past year has been full of excitement, new beginnings, challenges, healing and  We have been fixing up our house and enjoying our new roof from Brown Roofing!! What a blessing that was!! It has made a HUGE difference in our life!! Dilynn is now 5 years old and started Kindergarten.  She loves school and her time spent with her friends. She has been busy being a farm kid. She has been riding her horse and helping Grandpa. Jordynn is now 3 and started preschool! She loves going and loves her teachers! She has also been riding her horse and being a farm kid. We have had a year of new challenges and somehow push forward. We have been healing as a family and finding our new “normal”. The pig bowl has definitely changed our lives and made so many things possible. We cannot thank you enough!!  The three of us are forever changed and grateful for the generosity and caring of this community!!! We are so blessed. Thank you again for everything ! Donovan and his family are in our prayers every night as well as all of you involved on this amazing organization! Thank you for bringing some light into our dark days. God bless you all!
The Herringtons

Kadee Herrington and girls