Jase Gibson Updates…

Written by Jase’s Mother, Holly Gibson, September 2019:

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year!  Jase had his last checkup early August, and it was by far his easiest appointment to date.  He no longer has to have CT scans, therefore no more sedation!!!  We also learned that he no longer has to have labs drawn every appointment, and will only have them once a year.  Jase now will have x-rays at each appointment to monitor the remaining tumor, and urine samples to monitor cancer trackers.  We got even more great news, Jase is moving from every three-month appointments to every six month appointments.  Jase is now 1 year and 4 months in remission and is going strong.  He gets to live his life like a normal two-year-old boy, and that is all we could ever ask for!  He loves anything that goes, helping daddy with the cows, and his “neigh” (horse).  He is the best brother to Violet and an absolute joy!

The help and support that our family received from the Pig Bowl continues to be a blessing to our family.  Jase’s medical bills continue to come, and that is one area of raising twin 2-year old’s that we don’t have to stress about.  There are not enough words to express our gratitude we have for the true blessing that the Pig Bowl has/continues to be for our family!  We get to focus on raising two smart, funny, amazing kids, and that is the best feeling!

Text from Jase’s Mother, Holly Gibson, October 2020

Jase just had an appointment on the 24th and everything is looking great!

Text from Jase’s Mother Holly after Pig Bowl wished Jase and Violet a very Happy 5th birthday on September 6th 2022

Thank you! Jase has what we are hoping is his LAST oncology appointment on the 16th!

Email received in September 2023

Wow!  It is amazing how time flies!  Jase turned 6 earlier this month and is thriving!  He has been in survivorship for two years now, and continues to amaze us every day with what a strong healthy little boy he is.  Jase loves to ride his dirt bike and his horse, and is obsessed with anything sports related.  This year he gets to play flag football, and he loves it.  Jase will go see his oncologist next week where we expect to hear continued great news.  These appointments have turned into a social visit with some of his earliest friends (his amazing nurses and doctors).  We like to make these appointments a family affair and bring his twin sister along.

Jase started kindergarten this year with his mom as his teacher and is loving school!  His favorite part of the day is recess!  It’s such a blessing to come from the trauma of cancer and cancer treatment to watch our sweet boy thrive!  We are so thankful for the Pig Bowl and for all of the support it has brought and continues to bring to our family.  Because of this amazing charity our family is able to make sure our son has the best doctors and the best continued health plan possible.  Having a community that has prayed and supported our son means more to our family than we could ever begin to express! 

From James, Holly, Violet, and Jase Gibson THANK YOU!