The Pig Bowl just wouldn’t be the same without “Survivor”.  Usually played at halftime or between quarters, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.


This is the fan’s chance to get in on the action and have a chance to win an amazing getaway for two.  Thanks to Spirit Mountain Casino the winner of of this years Survivor Game will enjoy an overnight accomodation and dinner for two at the Spirit Mountain Lodge in Grand Ronde Oregon.


Please check out to see all the great things the Resort has to offer and please be sure to tell the staff at Spirit Mountain Casino thank you for their support.


So what is “The Survivor Game” and how do I play?

In order to play you must purchase a Survivor Packet which are usually sold at the front gate, the concession stand or randomly throughout the stands during the second quarter.

A packet is $5 and you may purchase insurance for an additional $5.  Everyone who has purchased a Survivor packet is asked to come down to the field in front of the annoucers booth during half time.

Play begins as everyone chooses one of four colors, yellow, pink, green and blue.  You must hold your chosen color high up in the air so everyone can see it.  If you have insurance (red) then you must hold that up high in your other hand.

Sealed envelopes will be opened at random and if the color you have held up in the air is drawn from the envelope you are out and must return to your seat.  If it is not your color you are still in.  Insurance cards may only be used one time, so if you have insurance and your color is drawn from the envelope you are still in, but you lose your insurance for the next round.

Players may elect to keep the same color held up in the air or change their color at the end of each round.

The last player standing wins the game!  It is a lot of fun and helps raise additional money for the Pig Bowl. As always all monies raised at the Pig Bowl are given to the family chosen as the benificiary for that year.

Come out and join us for the Pig Bowl and don’t forget to purchase your Survivor Packet!