Brandon Walter Family

Brandon Walter Family

Brandon and Amanda Walter grew up in the Goldendale area, and were high school sweethearts. They married in 1995, shortly after graduation, and settled in the area to start their family. Son B J was born in 1996, and daughter Makayla in 1998.

Brandon worked for a time at the local aluminum plant, then went to Columbia Gorge Community College to continue his education, which took him to the Public Works Department in Bingen.

Brandon has always been interested in law enforcement, and became a reserve officer with the Goldendale Police Department in 2001. He works many hours on weekends and evenings with the department, and has established outstanding rapport with his fellow officers and the community. He plans to continue his association with the GPD, serving the community wherever needed.

Health issues and constant medical expenses have been an ongoing issue with this young family. Amanda has dealt with kidney disease for most of their married life, and was recently diagnosed with Multiple Schlerosis. She has to be seen by her doctor three to four days per week, and has many visits with specialists. Makayla now deals with the nerve disorder NF, which attacks the nervous system in a variety of ways. She currently has seven tumors on her spine caused by this disease. She has to see her doctor weekly, and specialists on a monthly basis in Yakima.

Brandon developed an infection in his upper jaw early in 2008, which spread to a number of his teeth and his brain. This required surgeries, in which a tumor was found and removed, as well as six teeth. He will face ongoing treatment for bone infection, and eventual reconstructive surgery to repair his jaw. He was unable to work for an extended period of time, while medical bills continued to add up.

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