2021 Results


Praise God for an incredible night!

Praise HIM for a perfect warm night of football, food, and fun!

We live in such an amazing community! 

In case you couldn’t be there, make sure to check out the Pig Program.

Maleigha and Abigail (A 2016 Pig Bowl Recipient) Prep are excited to be at the game!


After the Barrett and Blue Duckwall families had been safely escorted onto the field and welcomed by an amazing crowd and fantastic crew of cheerleaders, Smokey The Bear, McGruff the Crime Dog, Bobber the Water Safety Dog and Sparky the Fire Dog helped keep the police escorts in line.  Becca Notbohm of Cornerstone Church lead the audience in a wonderful prayer, Alex Rector dazzled the stadium with a fantastic rendition of the National Anthem and Caleb Sullivan called the coin toss for his cousin Ezra who was watching from his hospital room at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland. 

The 2021 Pig Bowl started out with a Huge Score… Washington was leading Oregon 3052 to 2737 and deferred to the second half giving Oregon Law Enforcement the ball to start the game.  The first quarter was filled with defense as Deputy Dustin “Dusty” Vorce of Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office intercepted a pass for Washington and Caitlin Plese of Hood River Sheriff’s Office intercepted a pass for Oregon.  Caitlin got Oregon on the board first with a 25 yard field goal.  It can’t be said for certain, but Oregon may have bribed the officials with some cold hard cash to finally get Washington on a delay of game penalty. 

Senior Trooper Walters of the Oregon State Police hit Pig Bowl Veteran Officer Josh Jones of The Dalles Police Department for the games first touchdown and Caitlin Plese tacked on the extra point giving Oregon an early 10 point lead.  It wasn’t long however until Deputy Vorce rushed in for a touchdown of his own. Unfortunately the extra point just missed the upright.  Oregon was already short handed on players when Jones’ hamstrings tightened up so they had no choice but to look to the grand stands.  Thankfully hiding in the crowd were past pig bowl players who just happened to have on their old uniforms under their jackets.  Senior Trooper Newby of the Oregon State Police and Sergeant Doug Kramer of The Dalles Police Department hurried in as reinforcements.  Unfortunately a short time later, Oregon lost their starting quarterback, Senior Trooper Walters to a foot injury, that would later land him at MCMC for x-rays. .

Halftime entertainment began with a couple Gorge Youth Football teams battling it out under the lights.  Klickitat County Deputy Gaven Marble then gave an impressive display utilizing his K9 Profi.   The crowd witnessed Profi successfully complete “blind narcotics detection” in random boxes twice in a row, but the obedience demonstration and apprehension work along with the call off obedience training got the biggest applause.  Pig Bowl Board Secretary Tammy Key’s husband Chris Dobo was one of the “bad guys” and did a fabulous job being apprehended.  Matt Luchsinger of NWB Dogs in Bingen also assisted.   The 50/50 raffle drawing winner took home $479!

Well almost, this wonderful anonymous winner actually donated $240 back to the Pig Bowl!! 

Maleigha Barrett get’s up close with Sparky the Fire Dog


Oregon scored early in the third quarter with a pass from Sergeant Bob McCrum of Columbia River Inter Tribal Police Department to Officer Kyle Cozad of The Dalles Police Department.  The extra point was kicked through the uprights by Deputy Caitlin Plese.  Washington answered with a touchdown pass from Deputy Dustin Vorce to Deputy Chance Leroue of Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office.  The crowd placed half of Washington’s Roster in bubble balls and Official Robert Jamack must have felt bad because he took the ensuing hand off on a lengthy run before being pushed out of bounds inside the twenty yard line. 

Oregon scored once more on a pass from Sergeant Bob McCrum to his supervisor, Lieutenant Russell Spino of the Columbia River Inter Tribal Police Department. Washington Parks Senior Park Aide Steve Parece blocked the extra point attempt.  TJ Lund had a drive ending interception late in the third quarter to keep Washington in the game.  

Another highlight was the 80+ yard interception return for a touchdown by Washington ringer Connor Darrow (boyfriend of Ranger Paige Dennis).  Everyone was enamored as he sped down the sideline; perhaps if the aero dynamics of the bubble ball were a bit better, Senior Trooper Holloran might have been able to chase him down.  Washington State Park Aide Ana Urbina kicked the extra point to bring Washington to within 4. 

Oregon had two additional interceptions by Deputy Mike Smith of Hood River Sheriff’s Office and Senior Trooper Holloran ending Washington’s chances for a victory.  As is customary at the Pig Bowl a few extra players were brought in just before time expired.  Caleb Sullivan (Ezra’s Cousin) scored a touchdown and 2 point conversion for the Washington team and Senior Trooper Walter’s daughter Callie had a nice run and 2 Pt Conversion for the Oregon Team. 

In the end Oregon edged out Washington on the field 23-19 and despite going into the game with a comfortable 315 point lead, thanks to so many Oregon fans in the stands, ended up losing by 157 points. 

Final Score on the scoreboard Oregon 3342 Washington 3185.

This is the first time in the Pig Bowl history both teams have scored over 3000 points!  If any of you are good at math, you’ve probably figured out that means it was also a record setting year for donations!  However, the Pig Bowl Board has decided they will wait until after Ezra returns from the hospital to present the checks to the families and announce the final total. 

Thank you so much for every single business and person who donated their time and money! Thank you to each one of you  who helped out, attended the game, volunteered, cheered, sold food, bought food, and participated in this great event!

We appreciate each and every one of you! 

May God Bless You and please mark your calendars for Pig Bowl 2022 – September 25th, 2022!

Pig Bowl Board Members Angela Pollard and Scott Rector present a $25,000 check to Ezra Blue Duckwall
Pig Bowl Board Members Angela Pollard and Scott Rector present a $25,000 check to the Barrett Family

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