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The Bichler & Hutchinson Families              The Messenger Family

Although not everything went smoothly for our 15th year. We managed to raise some money and have fun doing it.  Things were looking a bit bleak when with just a few minutes left before game time, Washington only had a handful of players on the sidelines. Unfortunately at the last minute, five of their Washington State Troopers were called to work Riots in Seattle and a few other officers couldn’t make it back from a wedding.

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Then despite nearly losing both Oregon families amongst the police cars and fire engines, the Bichler Family and Hutchinson Family eventually joined the Messenger Family for a center stage introduction to most of the Oregon players.


This year, not only were fans willing to donate their money, we had several stepping up to donate AAA batteries from their flashlights and other devices in an a failed attempt to fix our wireless Pig Bowl microphone.  Pig Photographer, Leslie Sulivan not only took photos, she made the trek to the press box to sing the national anthem.

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The following obituaries were read allowed…

The 2014 Pig Bowl was played in part for Joshua Alan Miner of Goldendale. Joshua was born on August 24, 1995On August 14th, 2017, surrounded by his loving and supportive family and friends, Joshua went home to be with his Heavenly Father, he was 21 years of age.

The 2016 Pig Bowl was played in part for Deputy Michael Anderson of the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office.  Michael was born July 28, 1971.  On August 25, 2017  at the Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital, Michael was welcomed into the arms of Jesus, he was 46 years of age.

Followed by a moment of silence and an incredible prayer for the families by  Pastor Vince Sturgeon of Cornerstone.

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Even though our Pig Officials weren’t able to be mic’d up, that didn’t stop them from having a good time.  At one point every official threw at least three flags up into the air at one time, huddled up for a conference, and then Jeremy Thompson made his way to the press box to announce that the officials would match a $100 14-point donation to the team of the donor’s choice!

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As always Papa Murphy’s, Safeway, Cash and Carry and Pepsi, kept fans well fed and hydrated and this year Dutch Brothers even made trips through the stands selling drinks to the crowd. Pretty sure that Dutch Brother’s manager Yadirah Yanez (Dida) would make a good salesman at Century Link Field the way she took those stairs to the press box with her drink carrier.

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Washington did eventually get enough players to play a football game, although it took one of their usual star players and Pig Bowl Board members, Ed Gunnyon, having to change out of his duty uniform and into his Pig Bowl uniform at the last minute.

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Washington won the coin toss but it was Oregon who scored first; rookie quarterback Kris Wood of The Dalles Police Department ran it in for 6 and the extra point was missed.  Washington Quarterback Ross Guiney didn’t take long to get warmed up and tossed a nice touchdown pass to Ed Gunnyon and then tacked on the extra point putting Washington Law Enforcement up 7-6.   Wood then found Trooper Jason Walters of the Oregon State Police in the end zone for a touchdown and last year’s rookie sensation place kicker, Deputy Caitlin Plese of the Hood River Sheriff’s Office booted a two point conversion.

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At halftime it was Oregon up 14-13 and the donations kept the score board rolling. Phil Frank won the 50/50 halftime drawing and donated his entire portion back in memory of his departed brother in law Deputy Mike Anderson.

In the second half Ross Guiney hit Dusty Vorce on a 20 yard pass to the corner of the end zone to put Washington up 19-14.   A short time later, the only Washington State Trooper left, Shane Kessler, intercepted a pass and ran it back for another Washington touchdown.  Officer Wood found Trooper Walters on a long bomb down the sidelines and Deputy Plese kicked another 2 point conversion to bring Oregon within 3, 22-25.

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Then with less than a minute left on the clock the unthinkable happened. Washington players were seen disrobing on the field and all the sudden the entire Messenger Family was wearing the Washington Uniforms and out on the field. Before Oregon even knew what was happening, Moses Messenger had scored a Touchdown for Washington! Not wanting to be outdone, Oregon called a time out with 14 seconds left.  They put Lucas and Amelia Hutchinson into the game and called some sort of crazy up the middle wedge and out popped Amelia with the football!  Right before she crossed the goal line she stopped to celebrate and Sergeant Josh Jones of the Dalles Police Department  quickly picked her up and set her into the end zone right as the final buzzer sounded!

Final Score on the field Washington 31 – Oregon 28!

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Before the dust had settled however, once all the pre-purchased points, game time points, pig noise points, law enforcement points and family points had been added it was Oregon who edged Washington 1881 to 1849!!  One of our closest final scores ever!

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On Wednesday night the Pig Bowl was able to present checks to ALL THREE families in the amount of $10,200!!!   A huge thank you to every single person and business who donated. A huge thank you to every single behind the scenes volunteer that helps make the Pig Bowl what it is.  We simply couldn’t do it without you.  We truly are blessed to live in such an amazing and giving community.  May God Bless each and everyone one of you!


Be sure and mark your calendar for Next Year’s Pig Bowl

September 22nd 2018!

And please send us your recipient suggestions before mid August!