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Here is a letter from the Marble Family written April 17th, 2017



First of all, we would like to offer our thanks to you and the community who showed so much support for their “brothers in blue” at this year’s Pig Bowl.  What a tremendous honor and privilege to be chosen to be the recipients of such a great gesture.  Thank you too goes out to all the fundraisers, the players, the donors, the supporters, the attenders and I am sure so many others who gave and remain unnamed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Though the company we purchased the van from, AMS Vans, in Tucker, GA, would have shipped it up to our door, we decided to be frugal with the money given to us and fly down and drive it back. So, this past February, I flew to Georgia with my father and one of my sons to pick up the wheelchair van that Abby so desperately needed and the Pig Bowl so generously supported.  It was an incredible trip filled with excitement for the new van, to see how it drove, handled on the highways and for Zeke (and my dad and I) to get to see a few things that we had not seen before.

We picked up the van and received an education of the van itself, the lift and all the cool additions the company made to make the van more beneficial for Abby.  This van will give Abby the space and ability to use the new wheelchair that fits her, as well as keeping us from throwing our backs out trying to lift and twist her into the van we were using.

Abby absolutely loves riding in the new van.  The windows are huge compared to the other van and she loves to look all around as we drive down the road.  The lift is a joy too.  It is so simple to use, that even our four year old is able to operate it with some supervision and direction.  Abby loves to ride the lift as well.  She gets a little grin on her face every time she goes up and knows she gets to go for a ride.

The gift that the Pig Bowl and it’s supporters have given to us and to Abby is so appreciated there really are no words.  We could not have done it without you.  So thank you!

If you see us driving around town, please wave and say “Hi.”  We would love to show off the new van if you are curious.


Update from September 2023

Since Abby was the recipient of the Pig Bowl 2017 she has been doing very well.  The family used the donation to purchase a wheelchair van from a company in Georgia.   It is used almost daily to keep Abby involved in family activities that would not be possible without the donation, due to her growing like a weed!  She just celebrated her 17th birthday and has just started another year at White Salmon H.S.  She LOVES music and gets super excited when dad watches football on TV.   She always has and continues to love the crowds, whistles and excitement football games hold. 

Thank you again so much for the donation to help our family!   We could not have done it without you!