2015 Recipient Lila May Schow



The following information was written prior to the Pig Bowl in August 2015


Three years ago in September 2012 our daughter Lila May Schow was diagnosed with a really rare form of child hood cancer called Neuroblastoma. It’s a rare but extremely aggressive cancer that affects small kids from the age of two to seven. Unfortunately for Lila, she fell into that category.

As her parents, we were devastated and left scared and confused on what the future would hold. We started treatment at OHSU Doernbecher children’s hospital in Portland Oregon. The treatment at OHSU was very long and hard on Lila. Towards the end of the treatment plan she had to have a bone marrow transplant. In November of 2013, after well over a year of treatment and 3 surgeries, Lila was declared NED meaning there was no sign of cancer left in her body!! This was the best Christmas present we could ask for and we thought we had it beat!

Sadly in February of 2014, Lila relapsed and once again our lives we’re tossed in the air and left us searching for answers. After OHSU told us that there was nothing more we could do, we put the word out on social media that we needed more options. The place everyone was talking about was Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City so we packed up and traveled to New York City  for treatment and more surgeries. Every three to four weeks we would fly from our home in Hood River to New York City. To our great relief Memorial Sloan Kettering helped us fight the cancer and again our daughter was declared NED!! We were overjoyed and so proud of Lila.

Unfortunately our luck and celebration didn’t last long, a month after she was cleared she relapsed for the third time. However, this time it was up in her head around her acoustic canal causing the left side of her face to lose all function. At that time, Memorial Sloan Kettering said there were no more treatment options and to prepare for quality of life.

This did not sit well with us, and as her parents we were not ready to stop fighting. We knew Lila May had more life to live. We got on-line and contacted a very small hospital in Grand Rapids Michigan called Helen Devos and they gave us hope. For the last seven months we have been traveling back and forth to Michigan for several new break through treatments.

Sadly these new treatments did not work for our Lila. We found out in July that her body was not responding to the treatment and the aggressiveness of the cancer was taking over her body. Our doctors in Michigan said that if her counts didn’t come back up to a stable level there would be no options. So we sat and we waited… knowing that time was not on our side.

We just found out today August 17th, 2015 that her counts have gained a lot of ground and we might be able to get her on a new treatment. Fingers are crossed and the calls to hospitals in Seattle and MD Anderson in Texas have already been made in hopes to find a treatment that will work.

In the mean time we make sure Lila has as much fun as possible and as many mile stones as possible. Things like school and birthdays and proms and even a marriage proposal.  Things she may not be able to do.