2014 Recipient Misty Martin

The Following Information was written prior to the Pig Bowl in August 2014…

Derek & Misty


We would like to introduce Misty Martin as seen through the eyes of her friends and colleagues;

She is one of the most kind and caring people we have ever met. She is a wonderful person and the go-to gal for all things dispatch in her office. Misty is a fierce friend and trustworthy listener.

Misty has had her share of adversity throughout her life, but has gotten through it all with a grace only she can muster. She was born as a premature infant that had multiple, significant health problems. She describes her birth parents as being “young and selfish”. Shortly after her birth Misty had to undergo open heart surgery and intestinal surgery to fix the problems she had due to being born premature. Luckily, the surgeries went well but it apparently took its toll on Misty’s biological mother, and it was determined that Misty would go to live with her grandmother.

Misty would live with her grandmother (who she refers to as “Mom”) until she was 16. At age 16, her “Mom” passed away unexpectedly. She moved in with an aunt until she finished high school.  From age 16, Misty started working full-time while trying to finish high school and save for college. After high school graduation, Misty moved out from her aunt’s house to live on her own and go to college. She continued to work full-time and go to college for a couple of years after high school.

Misty had always wanted to be a police officer and had actively been trying to get into the profession as soon as she was old enough. She went on multiple ride-a-longs and was working towards a career in law enforcement. However, she soon came to the realization that becoming an officer would not be possible due to her pre-existing medical conditions, specifically her heart. When recently asked why she wanted to be an officer, Misty responded, “I always knew that I wanted a job where I could help people.”

As being an officer was no longer an option, Misty still wanted to work in the profession. In 1996 she applied to become a dispatcher at Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries Enforcement and was hired in May of that year. Since that time, she has transformed from a young woman that could barely be heard over the radio, to a senior dispatcher/trainer that can boss around even the saltiest of old cops, and they listen :).

Misty has been married to her husband Derek for the past 9 years. Derek had a construction business that failed a couple of years ago due to the economy. They fell on hard financial times in the period that ensued.

Two years ago, Misty became pregnant and was looking forward to becoming a mother. Unfortunately there were complications with the pregnancy and doctors advised that the baby would not survive. Misty says that her recent cancer diagnosis and treatment, pales in comparison to the loss of her unborn child.

At the end of June 2014, about a week before her 40thbirthday, Misty found a lump in her breast, and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, it has been a whirlwind of biopsies, tests, surgeries and treatment. She has a type of cancer that requires additional treatment to treat the aggressive cancer cells. She has recently had her ovaries and lymph nodes removed. She has also had two surgeries to remove the cancer cells from her breast.  Although they have been able to remove all of her cancer, her treatment is expected to last well into next year.

She started chemotherapy at the end of July and will continue to have chemo until November. Then she will have six weeks of radiation therapy. Misty also has to take an anti-cancer drug in addition to the chemotherapy for one year while receiving her other treatments. She will also have periodic echo-cardiograms to check on her heart throughout the treatment.

Currently, Misty has at least one appointment every week. Every third week she has at least three appointments during a three day span; blood work and a blood stabilizer, chemotherapy, and an additional anti-cancer medication.

Misty’s husband Derek who works full time at Bryant Pipe & Supply has been driving her to all her appointments and intends to continue doing so as long as he can, however Misty and Derek are both running out of sick leave. The medical bills are difficult enough when receiving a full pay check, let alone a partial pay check or no pay check at all.

Misty is a family member to those of us who work with her. She deserves some sunshine in her life. Thank you for helping the Pig Bowl to help Misty and Derek during this difficult time.