First Event Where There Were Two Recipients! 

First Event Where A Recipient Was From Hood River!

First Event Where The Starting Score Was Higher Than Any Previous Years Final Score!

First Event Where We Had Not One, Not Two, But THREE Amazing Announcements!



When all the dust had settled…. well okay… how about… When all the mud was washed away…

Oregon scored two real touchdowns on the field, but failed on both conversion attempts.  Washington scored one real touchdown (shortly after Oregon went for it on fourth down near their own twenty yardline… what were they thinking?) Then as always Melissa Wykes was perfect on her 2 point kick straight through the uprights from 20 yards out. Then the monsoon hit! Lightening struck, wind blew, rain pelted & poured and a bulb blew out! So… after one half of play… here are the final results…


OR 12 WA 8


WA 1815 OR 1748


As we all know… that isn’t what its all about… so what else happend?

The Herrington Family & Doroski Family are welcomed to the field

Kadee & Donovan share in a moment of silence for last years Pig Bowl recipient Karen Warren

The weather was perfect to start the game and many fans came out to cheer on their favorite team.

This lady came ready to play, mouthguard and all!

These young girls came ready to cheer!

Many fans brought umbrellas just in case

The bounce houses were inside the gym out of the weather!

The Costumers from the Madalorian Mercs, Cloud City Garrison and the Intergalactic Costumers Alliance posed for the crowd!


The Dalles Junior and JV Cheerleaders joined the Hood River Valley High School Cheerleaders to help the fans cheer our recipients onto victory!

A big thank you to all of our wonderful cheerleaders!

In this photo the Hood River Cheerleaders help welcome in the families riding in the procession

Beautiful baskets of goodies donated by Oregon State Police, Wasco County Dispatch and Klickitat County Department Of Emergency Services were raffled off.

Dutch Brothers sold some delicious hot beverages, Pepsi, Papa Murphy’s and Safeway kept our tummys filled.

Three very special announcements were made in between the first and second quarter…

1) Life Flight Network donated a gift basket to Donovan and Kadee and gave them each a 5 Year Life Flight Membership!

Tim Gibbons of Life Flight Network announces the wonderful gift baskets for each family and their five year lift flight memberships!

2) La Quinta Inns & Suites of Downtown Seattle (where Donovan will go to have his bone marrow transplant) donated 1 free week and 5 discounted weeks to Donovan and his family!

Jennifer Holloran holds the umbrella as Senior Trooper Holloran announces La Quinta’s amazing gift on behalf of Susan Salizar and the owner of La Quinta Downtown Seattle.

3) Brown Roofing of The Dalles gave Kadee a certificate indicating that they would put a brand new roof on her home! 

The principal owner of Brown Roofing, Willard Felt, gives Kadee a big hug after she learns of the priceless gift of a new roof. Willard’s daughter, Monica Felt, applauds her approval.

Wishing we could’ve put Kadee and her girls on Extreme Home Makover… Brown Roofing blessed our socks off! 

A photo of Kadee’s home taken just prior to the pig bowl.

We give God all the Glory for Every Dime Raised!

Pig Bowl Board membes Jennifer Holloran, Melissa Wykes, Randy Wells, Michael Holloran, Curt Harth and Tammy Keys stand with Donovan and Kadee alongside the beautiful frame of event photos created and donatated by Marty Hiser of Westwind Frame and Gallery.


Donovan and Kadee get their first look at the amount raised at this years Pig Bowl. A new Pig Bowl Record $30,000! A big thank you to Pig Bowl Secretary Tammy Keys for the awesome Giant Checks!

We truly do live in a Wonderful Community.

Lord Please Bless Every Business and Family who Donated their Time and/or Money to this Event.

Thank You Jesus for another Incredible Pig Bowl!

Officer Stan Berkshire of Goldendale PD prepares to go out for a pass as Deputy Clint Steen of Wasco County Sheriff’s Office looks loaded to rush the quarterback!

Before the game started this year the score was OR 1644 to WA 1635! But as announcer Rod Runyon will tell you, it is only a matter of minutes until those numbers roll over to zero on the two digit scoreboard!

Oregon Quarterback Deputy Jeremy Dutton just gets off the pass and avoids the sack!

Corrections Deputy Ryan Atoe makes a great block as Dutton cuts up the field!

Wait a minute… Is this Tackle Football?

Washington Quarterback Deputy Ross Guiney cocks his arm for a deep pass!

Officer Steve Rue of The Dalles City Police moves into take the flag of Deputy Guiney. Ouch it looks like Deputy Kyle Cozad of Hood River PD may have reaggravated a muscle he pulled in pig practice.

She not only kicks field goals… she punts! And she is good at it too! Way to go Melissa Wykes! Also a big thank you to pig bowl board members Melissa Wykes, Randy Wells and Stan Berkshire for all their help pre-selling touchdowns!

So good to see Trooper Matt Zistel and his Wife Ashley both sporting their #26 Jersey’s at the Pig Bowl…
Although Matt wasn’t fully ready to be out on the field, Ashley was more than capable of filling his shoes! Thank you Jesus for protecting our Law Enforcement Officers as they work to keep us safe!

Most of the Washington Team!

Most of the Oregon Team! – Look it isn’t raining… and is that sunshine I see?

Monsoon! Everyone is wet and cold… time to call it a night!
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came out and supported the Pig Bowl.
God Bless You! Hope to see you next year!

If you were not able to make it to the game… Here is a link to the 2013 Pig Program


 A big thank you to Pat Shortt Photography, Becky Routson, Kendra Raiser and Justin Woodrum for taking photos… Here are a couple links to additional photos: