Pig Bowl Minutes-8_3_2011

Pig Bowl Meeting


August 3, 2011

Meeting to pick a recipient

Attendees: Michael Holloran, Jennifer Hollaran, Tammy Keys, Curt Harth, April Weaver, CJ Toole, Ed Gunnyon and Randy Wells

Meeting Opened by Michael Hollaran

Discussed Board members and protocol for choosing new board members, Randy brought a motion to bring on Ed Gunnyon as a new board member, seconded by CJ Toole, and all were in favor.

Update on Jessy, 2010 Pig Bowl Recipient, doing well getting a little better all the time.

Update on 5013c status, application and checks sent in, checks have been cashed, but, we haven’t received our paper work stating full approval, waiting on the Federal Government. Jennifer is going to do all the book keeping in Quickbooks this year and urge everyone to keep receipts for everything spent. She will be generating statement through Quickbooks for donors.

Michael read all the stories submitted for this year’s recipient and then other word of mouth suggestions were discussed.

We discussed all the potential candidates.

A motion was made and seconded and all were in favor to contact a family to see if they would like to be this year’s recipients.

We talked about getting information to the appropriate people as soon as possible regarding Posters, Tickets, the Program, sold Touchdowns and Field Goals.

We will do two version of the Pig Bowl Posters, one 11 x 17 with full information about the family and time date place and another version 8.5 x 14 with Supporter at the top and maybe just a picture of the family and there name showing they are this year’s recipients. The 8.5 x 14 poster will be given to the individuals going out to get donations so the donors can hang them up showing there support.

Michael made mentioned that Gorge Mail Services donated the Mailing of the thank you post cards for 2010.

There was a discussion about the men getting together to go over the rules of the Football game and updating them.

8:30 meeting adjourned.