Gretchen McCoy

Hello Pigbowl Supporters, I am finally sitting down to write my update. My life is wonderfully busy. It has been four years since my diagnosis. The first year of Stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer is the most crucial so I am happy to bypass that one without any scares of reoccurrence. The next milestone will be next year which will be my fifth year. I am now going to six month check ups and all things look good. The kids are growing too fast for my liking. Mollie is now four and in preschool. She is definitely my independent fire cracker. She wants to do everything the older kids can do. She is fearless, she will jump off rocks into the river and climb the highest point of the jungle gym. Oh and she likes to cut her own hair. She just recently gave herself bangs. Storm is turning nine on Sunday the 27th of September. He loves Star Wars. He plays soccer in the Dalles and was super excited to tell everyone that he is going to play on the same field he scored his first touchdown. That is his fondest memory of the pigbowl. Sadie is ten and she is my animal lover. She is playing volleyball. She can spike the ball like no one else. Jade is twelve and is in junior high. I am not quiet use to this yet. She is playing football. She is the first quarterback in the history of SWC football. I believe I was more nervous for her than she was during her first game. All the kids play basketball and baseball. I think they are beautiful and smart also. I like to brag about them. I feel very blessed to attend all of their school and athletic activities. Jeff and I are still river guiding and finding odd jobs to do. I get to be the bus driver for Mollie’s preschool class. Jeff attends Burning Man every year where he is a Ranger. I want to take this time to express what an experience and gift of love the pigbowl gave us. I am not very good with words but I want everyone know that this charity event is so special. In a time where things were unknown and dark, the pigbowl was the light. You can ask my children about the cancer and their response is happy. They have such wonderful memories of sitting in police cars , riding in fancy cars, seeing Star Wars characters, cheerleading and playing football. Anybody associated with the pigbowl has a special place in my heart.

Gretchen McCoy –¬†October 2015

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