2019 Christian Rowan

Update as of July 9th 2021

Christian is doing fantastic he was started on new medicine that changed his whole life is was a battle to get insurance to pay for it so at the beginning I was paying 3k a month put of pocket for his treatment but now insurance covers it. He will be 3 this year and is growing each day. He can now walk and talk and he is just living life. We have monthly infusions so about every 4 weeks he goes in for about a 6 hour infusion which can sometimes be difficult cause what 2 1/2 year old can sit still for 6 hours. But overall he is doing wonderful!


Update as of September 1st 2020

Christian isĀ getting big and starting to walk!

He is receiving ivif infusion and has finally been approved to eat foods by mouth!

He still has a long way to go but is finally growing at a normal pace.

Rowan Update 2

Rowan Update 1