2018 Results


A Night to Remember!



Jase Gibson, Angela Zapien and Elijah Pishion


The Gibson Twins got their very first ride on a fire truck. Angela was overjoyed to be on the fire truck and was super excited at half time when she thought she was getting back on. Elijah sneaks in a hug from Sparky the fire dog prior to the drive to the field. This year they were joined by some very special company…


Volunteer Lieutenant Jeff Holland and Volunteer Lieutenant Eric Pyles drove the 1935 Seagraves Fire Engine and the 1934 Mack Fire Engine onto the field. They were escorted by Captain Jamie Carrico of The Dalles City Police Department, Trooper Jacob Pont of the Washington State Police, Sheriff Matt English of The Hood River County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Reggie Bartkowski of the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Bob Songer of the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Mitch Hicks of the Columbia River Intertribal Enforcement, Chief Deputy Scott Williams of the Wasco County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Dave Brown of the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Mike Hepner of the Bingen/White Salmon Police Department, Sergeant Juan Pulido of the Hood River Police Department and Major Andy Heider of the Oregon State Police.


After a photo with the top dogs in Law Enforcement and a photo with both teams, the officials and the cheerleaders, we were all blessed by a great opening prayer by Tim Fain of Dufur Christian Church and a wonderful rendition of Amazing Grace and the National Anthem by Casey Wykes. With at least 15 deer running down the hill behind the flag, one of the officers whispered, “All we need now is a bald eagle”.


Head Official Paul Bish, flipped the coin and Angelina, Angela’s mother, called heads in the coin toss for Washington, but it came up tails so the Gibson and Pishion families said that Oregon wanted the ball first.  Then it was time for some football.


The Stadium was full, the fans were ready and the Pig Noses were out…


The Dalles High School Cheerleaders, The Dufur High School Cheerleaders, The Dance Club Academy Junior Cheer and The Dalles Youth Cheer were all on hand to keep the crowd “Fired Up”


Smokey The Bear, Bobber The Water Safety Dog, Park Ranger Amber Tilton, Sparky The Fire Dog, Robin Miles and her crew with Four Bounce Houses for all ages  helped get the fun started.


Theresa Cagle, Linda Bertschi and Patty Cooper kept everyone well fed with Papa Murphy’s Pizza and well hydrated with Pepsi Products.  Dutch Brothers once again made sure everyone was plenty Caffeinated! Even prior Pig Bowl recipient Abigail Marble was on hand to join in the festivities.


Before the game started Oregon was ahead of Washington 2169 to 1647, then people started buying more points (Click here to see).  No points were scored on the field however until late in the first quarter when Senior Trooper Holloran of the Oregon State Police stripped the ball from the Washington running back and took it back to the house for 6.  Hood River County Deputy Caitlin Plese was her usual self and added a 2 point kick putting Oregon up by 8.   A short time later Engineer Hal Woods of Mid Columbia Fire and Rescue intercepted a Washington Pass and returned it for a Touchdown! Caitlin added another 2 point kick giving Oregon a 16 point lead at the start of the second quarter. This must have irritated some Washington fans (and a few Oregon family members) because they put two of Oregon’s fastest players in Bubble Balls!  Fans also had fun forcing players to wear inflatable boxing gloves!


Washington wasted no time with Oregon players under restraints. Officer BJ Walter of the Klickitat County Jail threw a long touchdown pass to Klickitat County Deputy Dustin Vorce and Washington State Trooper Conor Schwilke added a 2 point kick.  Making maters worse Deputy Plese was forced to attempt a field goal while wearing a bubble ball! It wasn’t long after that when Washington’s Rookie Quarterback Washington State Trooper Brandon Kesler threw a Touchdown pass to Klickitat County Deputy Ed Gunnyon ad Schwilke added another 2 point kick making the score at half time 16-16 all.

At the half Real Estate Agent Heather Wright and Lender affiliate Eric Green brought the Pig Bowl families down onto the track and made a very special announcement.  Home’s For  Hero’s donated a $5000 check from their foundation and presented it to the families.   Then it was time for the 50/50 drawing and Alene Givens who turned 81 years young on September 11th took home $218!


In the third quarter Oregon’s Rookie Quarterback Officer Kasey Way of CRITE (Columbia River Intertribal Enforcement) threw a touchdown pass to Rookie Reciever Deputy Oscar Rodriguez of NORCOR (Northern Oregon Regional Corrections). Deputy Plese made another outstanding 2 point kick giving Oregon the temporary lead 24-16.  Deputy Dustin Vorce of Klickitat County answered with a nice touchdown run and Trooper Schwilke made another 2 point kick tying the score again at 24 all.  Levi Scartozzi of the Washington State Police intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter and returned it for a touchdown. Trooper Schwilke made his fourth 2 point PAT giving Washington the lead 32 to 24. Officer Way ran it in for 6 and Deputy Plese made her fourth 2 point PAT (Yes both kickers were near perfect) once again tying the score at 32-32.


With nearly no time on the clock Washington called a trick play and stuffed the ball inside a Bubble Ball where Oregon couldn’t reach the flags and rolled the ball into the end zone, their two point conversion was successful giving Washington another 8 point lead.  Oregon had no choice but to call time out and bring in their ringer Elijah Pishion (Seen below being coached by his father Jerry Pishion) with Angela and her grandmother, Maria Heredia, encouraging him to give it his best.


Oregon set up a giant wall and were knocking Washington players all over the place when all the sudden Elijah emerged from the pile and pulled away from the competition. A diving Washington officer gave it one last effort, but Elijah made it to the end zone for 6!  He was also successful on the two point conversion make the final score 40-40!  Only the second time ever the Pig Bowl has ended in a tie game. Elijah was given high fives and low fives and even carried off the field by Sergeant Scott Rector and Trooper Matt Newby of the Oregon State Police!


It just isn’t official though until your brother gives you a GREAT BIG congratulatory hug!


In case anyone is counting the Final Score on the Scoreboard was Oregon 2588 to Washington 1897

A BIG THANK YOU to Angela Pollard of Diamondheart Photography for Photographing the 2018 Pig Bowl


On Wednesday Night The Pig Bowl Board presented BIG CHECKS to each family in the amount of $13,728!!


Thank you to Pig Bowl Secretary Tammy Keys for the awesome Big Checks! Thank you to Angela Pollard of Diamondheart Photography for capturing the moment! Thank you to Marty Hiser of Westwind Frame and Gallery for the awesome photo frames! Thank you to Canton Wok for the use of their banquet room for a great dinner with the Pig Bowl Families and Board Members.


After the Big Checks were printed three additional checks came in raising the total amount for 2018 to $41,686 which beat the 2016 record by $83!!  Thank you so much for every single volunteer, donor and behind the scenes person who made the 2018 Pig Bowl a Night to Remember! May God Bless each and every one of you.


 From Left to Right: Mom Holly, Sister Violet, Jase and Dad Brian Gibson.  Mom Sonya, Little Brother Asher, Elijah, Older Brother Noah and Dad Jerry Pishion. Grandma Maria Heredia, Mom Angelina Heredia, Angela Zapien and Uncle Mario Heredia.

Please keep the Gibson Family, The Pishion Family and the Heredia/Zapien Families in your prayers.


Mark you calendars for Pig Bowl 2019 on September 21st of Next Year and don’t forget to send us your nominations for next years Pig Bowl Recipients!